Parts for LCD repair

ELSIN supplies specialized spare parts for LCD screen repairs. These parts are not commercially available. It took us years to build a network of Asian suppliers who are able to deliver the required parts in good quality, on time and at a reasonable price.

  • TAB IC drivers, COF / COG
  • LCD kits (driving PCBA)
  • ACF tapes, ACF removers
  • Polarizing films
  • Backlight components
  • Pressure sensitive tapes for TAB machine head adjustment
  • Sarcon tapes
  • Kapton tapes
  • and other parts


Example of part numbers of supplied components:

ACF TAPE 1.5mmx100M AC-11735-13
ACF TAPE 2.0mmx100M AC-2056R-35
TAB IC SOURCE (vertical) SSD3256UR4
TAB IC GATE (Horizontal) SSD3273U2R4
TAB IC GATE (Horizontal)  LH163T06
TAB IC SOURCE (vertical) NT39986H-C5248A
TAB IC SOURCE (vertical) NT39990H-C6003A
TAB IC SOURCE (vertical) MT3725VB
TAB IC SOURCE (vertical) LS061OBH1-C2LX
TAB IC SOURCE(vertical) NT39892H-C12E2A et 8157-CCYOH E
TAB IC GATE(horizontal) NT39538H-C1272A et 8656-FCYOB
TAB lC SOURCE(vertical) LSO8S2M7-C3LX
TAB IC SOURCE(vertical) NT39980H-C5256A
TAB IC GATE(horizontal) NT39567H-C5251A
TAB IC SOURCE(vertical) 8159-CCBQ1