Repairs of controllers, monitors and other devices

Today, no manufacturing plant can be run without complex machines which are often controlled by LCD monitors and a touch screen interface. At the same time, these components are prone to mechanical damage or simply get worn out after a time of heavy duty.

Such defect can shut down an important machine and cause a great financial loss. In this case, time plays a big role. Unfortunately, authorized repair service providers may not be very flexible. They also solve many problems by replacing the entire control unit. This is very expensive and you often have to wait for the delivery of a new piece.

So why wait and pay unnecessarily if we can repair your device?

Repair Service of Controllers / Control Computers

We provide repair service of controllers, control and display units of industrial machines (CNC, PLC, etc.) to the customers engaged in manufacturing . Most often, we deal with defects of LCD, touch screen (digitizer), backlight of a display, but also repairs of connectors, power supply or other electronic defects.

We don’t focus on just one brand. You can ask for the repair service of devices from a number of manufacturers. For example: Indra kontrol, SMC, HeidenHain, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Axiomtek, Kuka, etc.

As a distributor of LCD displays, we are able to offer a range of LCDs for industrial devices as well. Of course there are other accessories such as touch layers, LED backlight, CCFL tube inverters, etc.

Thanks to our technology, we can offer a preventive backup of the control software or data recovery from a damaged disk on your machine.

Medical devices

As with the above-mentioned industrial devices, we also provide repair service of professional medical monitors. Thanks to our dust-free laboratory, we can provide safe repair service even for this type of device.

We can provide repair service for the following types of defects: defective backlight, scratched surface, signal defects and image defects, LCD and touch pad replacement and other minor defects.