LCD panel repair in EU region

ELSIN offers specialized services in the field of repairs of LCD screens damaged by normal use, during manufacturing, transport, etc.

ELSIN provides warranty and post-warranty repairs of LCD screens for service organizations, LCD panel makers, manufacturers and distributors of monitors, laptops, TVs and individual customers.

The advantageous location of ELSIN in the center of Europe in Pilsen city in Czech Republic enables fast service to customers across Europe and especially in the regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

As the only company in the Czech Republic we carry out repairs of LCD panels including replacement of polarization film and repair of defective lines / blocks for sizes of 10 ” – 65 ” with a capacity of over 2000 pieces per month.

Orders are processed in our cleanroom class 100 – see service equipment.

  • Replacement of scratched surface – polarizer film
  • TAB IC Driver replacement (bonding)
  • Backlight reapir – CCFL, LED, Dust/foreign particle removal
  • Component level repair of PCBA
  • Touch layer replacement

Additional services for corporate customers

  • worldwide goods transportation including customs and other import and export documents
  • goods storage in a modern large-capacity warehouse including of all associated services
  • RMA service, buffer service, goods evidence, reporting, on-site support and other

Clean room assembly or servicing of devices requiring cleanliness up to ISO5 (class 100) , eg bonding of transparent layers, EMI shield layers or touch layers, repair of optical and electro-optical equipment, etc.

Special storage at temperatures from +5 to +60 ° C – drying, tempering, thermal cycling of electronic products, consumer and industrial goods in a heat-insulated hall with a capacity of up to hundreds of pallets.

Custom LCD Solutions – Design and delivery of the product according to your requirements. Open frame monitors, touchscreens, LCDs with IP65 or higher, high contrast (sunlight readable), non-standard sizes etc.

LCD defect specification

Repairable defects and their manifestations on LCD units
  Symptom Description
CID – Customer Inducted Defects Scratch Front Scratched front polarizer
Manufacturing defects Dust BLU Dust or other contamination in BLU
Scratch Back Scratched back polarizer (BLU side)
Bubble Bubbles under polariser film
Dust Polfilm Dust under polariser film
Polfilm Defect Defective polariser film (defective material)
BLU Defect Irregular function of backlight (no light or with apparent waves, spots and other imperfections)
Black Screen Signal error – black screen  only (while BLU is OK)
White Screen Signal error – white screen only
Flicker Flickering screen image
Signal Error Signal errors manifested through colour irregularities, interference, shadows, slow screen reaction and others
H-Block Horizontal block permanently lighted or dark (incl. colours)
H-Line Horizontal line permanently lighted or dark (incl. colours)
V-Block Vertical block permanently lighted or dark (incl. colours)
V-Line Vertical line permanently lighted or dark (incl. colours)


BLU (BackLightUnit) – the display background illumination unit including CCFL/LED
Mura – a spot on the screen often seen only against grey background or from the side
Zaratsuki – an apparently random cluster of colour points and/or lines

Non-repairable defects and their manifestations on LCD units
  Symptom Description
CID – Customer Inducted Defects Crack (Broken) Broken glass
Mura Black Large or small (1cm) black mura
Manufacturing defects Cell defect Light halo around a defective pixel
Light leakage Light leaking on the border of glass
Mura Color Colour mura (yellow, strips, etc.). Irregular colour distribution.
Mura White Large or small (1cm) white mura
Pixel defect Permanently lighted or dark point(s), incl. colours
Zaratsuki Clusters of colour points / lines
H-Line Cell Out Defect Dashed or incomplete horizontal line, incl. colours
V-Line Cell Out Defect  Dashed or incomplete vertical line, incl. colours