LCD Services

ELSIN provides comprehensive LCD repair services both to service organizations and LCD panel manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors of complete LCD products – monitors, laptops, TVs.

LCD repair service – Warranty and post-warranty repairs of LCD screens (panels, modules, open-cells) including repairs of scratched surface, defective lines / blocks and component level PCBA repair.

Customer Services – Customer reporting of the status and movement of goods, statistical analysis, Return Material Authorization Services, Buffer Services, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Logistics and service chain management – ELSIN’s position in the middle of Europe is of great advantage in providing cheap and efficient goods transport to destinations all over the continent. ELSIN ensures collection of defective products from Service Centers in the whole Europe and return of the repaired products to customers. ELSIN ensures electronic identification of each panel throughout the repair procedure (using the so-called “travel cards” for products where all data on product history from the moment of defect reporting to delivery of repaired product to the customer are recorded). ELSIN communicates with service centers on behalf of business partner to ensure the effective service chain.

Warehousing – storage of LCD panels and goods in a modern, secure, computer-controlled warehouse with a capacity exceeding 1000 pallet spaces.

Buffer Services – Fast and flexible customer satisfaction in the region of Europe by goods from buffer. The buffer of LCD panels is located in Elsin and is optimized according to market requirements. The refilling of the buffer is carried out by the customer and by Elsin with repaired LCD panels.

RMA Service (Return Material Authorization) – panels are categorized according to detailed rules and contracts of individual manufacturers and RMA report is compiled. Once approved, the panel is sent to the manufacturer for replacement or repaired by Elsin.

On-site RMA verification – providing on-site verification of customer claims all over Europe.

On-site Support – Expert services for business partners in various countries of Europe (i.e. for Asian LCD manufacturers ELSIN provides verification and testing of LCD units directly at the factories of their European customers – monitor or TV manufacturers)

Additional services

Clean room assembly or servicing of devices requiring cleanliness up to ISO5 (class 100) , eg bonding of transparent layers, EMI shield layers or touch layers, repair of optical and electro-optical equipment, etc.

Special storage at temperatures from +5 to +60 ° C – drying, tempering, thermal cycling of electronic products, consumer and industrial goods in a heat-insulated hall with a capacity of up to hundreds of pallets.

Custom LCD Solutions – Design and delivery of the product according to your requirements. Open frame monitors, touchscreens, LCDs with IP65 or higher, high contrast (sunlight readable), non-standard sizes etc.